ВАКА СЕ ПРАВИ ТОА ВО ХОНДУРАС: Поранешната прва дама осудена на 58 години затвор поради кражба на 750 000 долари!

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Роза Бонила сопруга на екс претседателот на Хондурас се сомничи дека украла околу 1 милион долари за свои лични потреби, од фондот за помош на сиромашни кој се полнел од хуманитарни донации од цел свет.

Роза има среќа што во Хондурас има уставен лимит од 30 години за максимум престој во затвор, па така иако е осудена на 58 години ќе одлежи само 30, иако и тоа е голема цифра на затворска казна.

TEGUCIGALPA: The former first lady of Honduras Rosa Elena Bonilla, wife of ex-president Porfirio Lobo, was sentenced on Wednesday (Sep 4) to 58 years in jail on charges of fraud and undue appropriation of funds, a spokesman for the nation's highest court said.

Bonilla, 52, has been in custody since February 2018.

Her defence attorney said Bonilla was innocent and an appeal would be filed with the Central American nation's Supreme Court. That would be Bonilla's last chance to avoid serving out the sentence.

"The former first lady Rosa Elena Bonilla was sentenced to 58 years in jail for the crimes of undue appropriation of funds and fraud," said Supreme Court spokesman Carlos Silva.

Bonilla was accused of misusing the equivalent of US$779,000 in funds between 2010 and 2014 that came from international donations and public funds, and which were meant to be used for social programs, according to an investigation carried out by attorney general's office and a unit of the Organisation of American States.

Bonilla used the money to pay for medical bills, jewellery, tuition for her children and construction work, according to the attorney general's office.

The court also sentenced Bonilla's close associate, Saul Escobar, to a 48-year jail sentence for embezzlement of public funds and fraud, said Silva.

Even if Bonilla and Escobar do not manage to overturn or reduce their jail sentences, they will only serve a maximum of 30 years, which is the maximum allowed by Honduran law, court sources said.

Lobo, who governed Honduras between 2010 and 2014, has also been linked to the Cachiros criminal organisation in trials in the United States and has rejected these accusations.

One of Lobo's sons pleaded guilty in 2017 before a U.S. court to conspiring to import cocaine into the United States and was sentenced to 24 years in prison.

Source: Reuters